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Edinburgh and the Deathly Hallows' Journal
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Saturday, July 21st, 2007
7:05 pm
This is the End ...
The weekend in bullet points:

Thursday, 5.15pm: perceval, sarka and hildigunnur meet for coffee. A serious food shop follows, capped by Tiramisu chez perceval

Friday, 3pm: Having double-booked herself (doh!) perceval arrives at the train station to meet miriammoules and jessandi. cynthia_black arrives 20 minutes later.

4pm: We meet sarka and hildigunnur and repair to chez perceval for the dumping of various luggage items.

5.25pm: On our way to the Ocean Terminal, where we meet Mr perceval and Devoran (WINOLJ). We arrive at five past six and eat at the Sky restaurant, using their "in and out within an hour" deal. They are true to their word.

7.10pm: While the others file off to see OotP, perceval stays behind to finish feeding The Little Witch. After a panic purchase of bare necessities in Boots, The Little Witch and perceval hit Waterstone's and have their picture taken with the Simpson's.

8pm: Waterstone's closes. perceval and The Little Witch are fifth in line to convert their pre-purchase vouchers into the Real voucers. The four others are the people who'll be unveiling the book later

9pm: Waterstone's reopens. We get the Real vouchers. perceval and The Little Witch change lines to be the "second" in line for The Book (TM), just behind two friends. The Little Witch has her photo taken with a certain Tom Riddle. 15 minutes later, she falls asleep.

10pm: The others arrive. We hatch a strategy: jessandi, miriammoules, and perceval grab the books, while the others head for the exit as soon as the books have been unveiled. Two taxis are ordered for 12.10pm.


12.30am: Back at chez perceval, positions are taken, a web cam is set up, and the reading begins in earnest. perceval, who does not nap, finishes first at 6.20am. (Could the others post their finishing times? that would be great!).

10.30am: Except for Devoran and jessandi, everybody has finished reading and discusses plot, fic, and early net reactions

2pm: fantastic indian vegetarian lunch cooked by cynthia_black

3pm: We leave for the station and have a final coffee before the mooters disperse. cynthia_blac and perceval head back for some r&r and hit the internets.
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
8:17 pm
Time Plan for our summit
between 3 and 4pm: meeting jessanndi and cynthia_black at Waverley
4pm: taxi to chez perceval
5pm: bus to Ocean Terminal
6pm: meet at the Sky restaurant, Ocean Terminal, for dinner. 2 courses for £12, guaranteed in and out in an hour
7.15: OotP at the Vue Cinema, Ocean Terminal. I have our tickets
10.00: OotP over. Queueing for book outside Waterstone's on the ground floor
12.30: two taxis back to chez perceval
12.00pm: first people leave
afternoon: chilling, chatting, sleeping

My DH will be joining us for dinner, and he may take my place at the OotP screening. The movie is completely unsuitable for Ruth, so I'll spend some quality time with her outside, letting her run riot and tiring herself out. I will form an orderly queue as soon as the Waterstone's closes at 8pm, if Ruth lets me :)

Getting to the Ocean Terminal:
Bus #22, Princes Street. Stops near Waverley, outside Waterstone's :)
Monday, July 16th, 2007
8:05 pm
Hildi & Sarka / everybody; webcam
Hi you two,

would it be ok if we met on THURSDAY between 5 and 5.30 in the BLACK MEDICINE cafe on Nicholson street (below what used to be Nicholson's Restaurant)? After a cuppa, we can go shopping at the nearby Tesco's; I'll bring a list of supplies.

Please comment if that's ok with you; it's different from the Elephant House but a bit more authentic (I'll explain to you why).

Also, could somebody maybe bring a second web cam plus installation software? We'd then operate two cams, one in the living room and one in the attic. I'll have two laptops up and running.
Thursday, July 12th, 2007
8:38 pm
Decor, Paraphernalia, et al.
So, it's time to get planning! (YAY!)

I'm not one for interior design, but I have managed to procure a "build-your-own-hogwarts" set. Candles can also be procured (1-2 to minimise danger of fire). Anything else? Incense? Drapes?

I was also going to set up webcams. Should we have them in the living room only or in the attic as well?

Any other thoughts / ideas?
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
10:52 pm
Stocking up on supplies - calling the Icelanders
Yes, you know who you are. Ruth finishes nursery at 1 o'clock and subsequently goes down for a sleep. My cunning plan is to use that sleep for a fiendishly well scheduled trip to Tesco's to stock up on fruit, veg, bread, dips, etc. for breakfast, lunch, and nibbles. If you'd care to meet me in town, come to the store with me, and help me carry stuff, that would be great! We'd probably take a taxi home from Tesco's because the one direct bus is not really child friendly. WE should be back at my place by three, where we can get everything ready while an energetic nearly-two-year -old wants ATTENTION NOW, ready for the arrival of jessanndi and cynthia_black.

Sounds like a plan?
Sunday, June 24th, 2007
7:22 pm
We have bookings!
I have pre-ordered seven copies of Deathly Hallows at the Ocean Terminal Waterstone's today - 5 Children's and 2 Adult's copies. I've also pre-booked six tickets for OotP, starting at 7.15pm. YAY! miriammoules, IIRC, you didn't want to come to the cinema, right?

The good people at the local Waterstone's are apparently huge fans. They're starting shenanigans at 10pm, there'll be fancy dress, sweets for The Waiting (TM). We have three options for pre-cinema food:
- Zizzi's, Italian, mains below £10
- Ma Potter's Bar and Grill, pub food, mains below £10
- Sky restaurant, potentially v. nice nosh, two courses for £12, guaranteed in and out within 1 hour.

Which should we go for?

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
8:42 pm
Potter on the Water
This is the blurb of the Waterstone's at the Ocean Terminal:

" Potter on the Water
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Saturday, 21 July 2007, 12:00AM - 1:00AM

Why not join us at midnight for the launch of the final Harry Potter book. The latest Harry Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, will be showing upstairs in Vue Cinema (www.myvue.com), while we will have games, activities and prizes. There will also be an appearance of "He Who Shall Not Be Named" - are you brave enough?"

So, it looks like we might want to hatch the following plan:

* 6 pm: early dinner at one of the many Ocean Terminal eateries. We can either meet there or meet in town and take the bus up to the Ocean Terminal together (cost: 1 pound)
* 7.30pm (or thereabouts): Watch OotP
* after OotP: get queueing!

please comment on this entry to tell me what you think: movie yay or nay?
I'll try to buy the tickets on Saturday before they're all sold out

Current Mood: busy
Monday, June 18th, 2007
6:47 pm
Type of copy
What copy would you like - children's or adult's?

I'm still researching the venue by the way - Blackwells is out since their event from 10pm is ticketed, and all the tickets have done. I'm investigating the Waterstone's at the Ocean Terminal, which houses a cinema and therefore should be open until midnight. It's just by the waterfront, with great views across the Firth of Forth and great restaurants that also serve drinks and coffee.

Current Mood: productive
Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
7:47 pm
Order Time!
I'm off to Germany for a week soon, but after that, I'll pre-order books. We'll go to the Waterstones on Princes Street (the one near HMV and Virgin). I'm happy to pre-order for you if you leave a comment on this entry.

Also, who's up for an early dinner (6pm) at (hopefully) the Elephant House, failing that, Cafe Lucano opposite the Elephant House? Please comment here and I'll reserve a table :)

Current Mood: accomplished
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